Hawassa, Beneath Tabor Mountain
TEC Postbox 1070. Hawassa. Sidamo. Ethiopia
PHONE  +251 462 203 177

Ato Galgalo Karre


Principal Ato Galgalo Karre Elema +251462203177

Ato Getachew Gelebo


Dean Ato Getachew Gelebo Guyo +251462208879

Ato Tesfaye Tashite


Director Ato Tesfaye Tashite Bati +251462205346

Ato Tarekegn Petros


Finance&Adminstration Head Ato Tarekegn Petros Woma +251462214712

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At TEC High School and Preparatory

800 Students attends High School and Preparatory at Tabor Educational Center. This is one of the best High Schools in the Southern part of Ethiopia. The students come from the Southern region and from Hawassa town.

Mission Department

The Mission Department consist of three different programs with a total number of 194 students.

The Campus

Tabor Evangelical College is situated in a beautiful, green and spacious campus in the bustling and modern city of Hawassa. The School is situated right at the foot of Mount Tabor which offer wonderful views of the city and the lake. – You are always welcome !