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Community Day at TEC Mission Department

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen
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Once a year the staff and students at the TEC Mission Department arrange a Community Day and this year it was held on the 27th of May.

The day started with devotion in the hall and Professor Zinabu from Hawassa University preached over the text from Acts. 2:42-47 emphasizing the Fellowship of Believers. Student Munduro Mulat sang for the participants and afterwards the students presented a report of the activities of the year giving praise to God for all his help and support. The morning program ended with speeches given by Principal Mr. Galgalo Karre and Dean Mr. Getachew Gelebo thanking for the year that has past.

After lunch, all gathered for a panel discussion on the theme Holiness. The panellists were Mr. Godana Gobena, Mr. Getachew Gelebo, and Mr. Temesgen Shiberu.  The each shared from different perspectives, ‘Holiness in light of the Old Testament’ by Mr. Godana, ‘Holiness as presented in the New Testament’ by Mr. Getachew, and ‘A contemporary view on Holiness’ by Mr. Temesgen.


As entertainment, students Melese and Ashagrie arrange a News broadcasting telling about all the big and small events of the year, presenting these as breaking news and daily reportages. It was much fun listening to these two students, and their performance made a great closing to an enjoyable day at TEC.