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Mission Course at MD

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen
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Mission Course Participants

This week 80 participants are attending this year ‘s Mission Course. These are students as well as representatives from congregations in the different areas, where the mission outreach will take place. The participants arrived Monday evening, and from Tuesday morning and until Friday afternoon they will attend the course here at TEC.

At the course ‘contextualization’, ‘evangelism’, ‘how to mobilize congregations’, and ‘how to disciple new believer’ are some of the topics taught. At the end of the course the students, together with representatives from the different areas, will leave on Saturday to do mission for 3 weeks. This year we have teams, that will go to Gambela, Kemise, Bale, Netche Sar, Borana, Somali Region and South Omo.

The mission course and the following mission trip is one of the big yearly events here at TEC, and we value that our students get practical experience in addition to their academic training. We also want to encourage you all to pray for the students and the local congregation, where they will be ministering the coming week. Pray that God will be with them and that He may work through them.