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Family Training for Graduating Students

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen
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Rev. Dawith teaching

Saturday is the big day! Our 2nd year Bible School students, 3rd year diploma students, and 4th year degree students are going to graduate. But before they do, the TEC Mission Department have invited all these students to bring their spouses, and together they are attending a one week Marriage and Family Course.

Rev. Dawit Yohannes together with his wife Mrs. Tirunesh have been teaching the participants all week. For them it is important that Christians, and especially ministers within the church, have knowledge about how to care for their marriage and put an effort into strengthening the marriage and family life. A good marriage and a strong family is the best foundation for a fruitful ministry, but your marriage needs to be cared for like you care for a seedling. Your marriage is from the beginning like a small seedling that you plant, and you need to water it and care for it, so that it will grow into a big tree that will bring shade for you and your family, as well as people around you.

As ministers in the Kingdom of God we often risk getting caught up in a lot of work and business, we therefore need to learn from the beginning how to balance family life with ministry. Especially we need to learn how to share and support each other in the calling and ministry, and through a honest and loving marriage we will be examples for people around us.

Rev. Dawith expresses that his hope for Christians is that they live a marriage life, which is in line with the word of God; a life where they experience real love and joy as they live holy lives.