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Empror Haile Selassie visits TEC 50 years ago

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen
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The gate at TEC

At Tabor Evangelical College we have started to plan the 50 years jubilee celebration of the school, which was established in 1968 as Tabor Seminary. The buildings were finished by the end of September and in the first weeks of October the students arrived. But while the buildings were still under constructions, it was announced that Emperor Haile Selassie would come to visit.

On the 12th of March 1968 in the afternoon Emperor Haile Selassie arrived at the compound and was welcomed by workers and employees of the seminary together with NLM missionaries. The principal of the seminary Johannes Sandved welcomed the Emperor, introduced the staff of the seminary and then gave the Emperor a guided tour of the compound.     

According to the article in Utsyn April 21st, 1968, the Emperor had asked about the courses to be given at the seminary and also the students. Johannes Sandved explained that the courses were theological and that the aim was to train pastors and evangelist for the ministry of the Mekane Yesus Church. The students would come from all over the southern part of Ethiopia and also bring their families to come and stay at the compound.

Johannes Sandved apologized that the building project was not finalised for the Emperor to see, but the Emperor expressed that for him it was a joy and encouragement to see an educational institution like this.    

The article in Utsyn no 13, 1968 page 3-4 is written by Kristine Skjeslien.