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12th Graders’ Week

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen

This week has been a special week here at Tabor Evangelical College (TEC), as it has been the Week of the 12th Graders. The students attending the Christian Students’ Fellowship from among the 12th graders were responsible for the morning devotions this week, and share the Word of God with their fellow students.

On Monday afternoon, a football match was arranged between the three sections of 12th graders that we have here at TEC, and the students had a great time together.

 To make the last day of the week, Friday a special day, the students had invited musicians to come and play their instruments, and together they sang and worshiped God. All the other students gathered around for this special concert.



Second Semester at the Mission Department

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen

After a three weeks-break the students are back at the Mission Department for the second semester this year. A new semester means a new schedule and new courses and therefor also new books.

In the picture, you see Mr. Getachew Gelebo the Dean of the Mission Department. Here he has just finished teaching Old Testament Interpretation I: Genesis, for the Degree II students. Mr. Getachew also teaches Psalms, New Testament Introduction to Mathew and Biblical Greek in addition to leading the Mission Department.

This year we have a total of 147 students with 12 studying at Certificate level, 55 in our Diploma program and 80 in our Degree program.  

 All the books for the Mission Department are purchased in Addis Ababa and most of them are books printed by the Mekane Yesus Seminary or the Mekane Yesus Yemiserach Dimts. The books for the Diploma and Degree program are in English, while the books for the Certificate program are in Amharic.