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Last school day for 12th graders

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen

Message to all students from the TEC High School and Preparatory School Director Mr. Tesfaye Teshite.

"Our grade 12 students attended on their last exam today; I personally thank all of you for staying with us. For the past four years / from 9th up to 12th/ we passed a lots of ups and downs in school life that all happen in order to shape you. All teaching staffs invest greatly on your overall growth, respect for all of them. At most the school emphasizes academic, behavioral and spiritual growth of all students, you are one of them. Thank you once again for your patience, love and respect.
Keep moving and grow maturely. God bless you and lead you forever."

Exam week at the Mission Department

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen

This week the students at our Mission Department (MD) are taking their exams after Block C. This means that there is only one block left of this school year. This means that the 4th year Degree students, 3rd years Diploma students and 2nd year Bible School students only have a few months left before graduation.

The first part of the second semester here at TEC has been a hectic time and much has happened in addition to normal classes. We therefore encourage you all to pray for the students this week as they are taking their exams.


As the students are trying their best to answer the questions the teachers at TEC-MD are taking turns monitoring the exams.  From left to right on the picture you see Mr. Temesgen Shiberu, Rev. Temelsen Thomas and Mr. Dagnaw Beyene.