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First day of the new school year at TEC Mission Department

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen

The summer vacation is now over here at Tabor Evangelical College. We have held our crash course in English, and interviewed all new candidates. Yesterday was the day of registration and today classes have begun.

New students have arrived for Diploma I (6 new students) and Degree I (13 new students) and we have also received new students in Diploma II and Degree II and III. We are very happy for all our new and old students and looking forward to a new school year here at the TEC - Mission Department.

Two of our TEC-MD teachers will go for further studies this year to upgrade to M.Th., and we ask that you remember them in your prayers.

The High School are presently registering new 9th graders and classes will start after Ethiopian New Year.        

ወደ ወሎ የተደረገ የሚሲዮን ጉዞ

Written by Ashagrie Ayalew

2009 ዓ.ም የታቦር ወንጌላዊት ኮሌጅ የሚሲሎጂ የድግሪ ተመራቂ ተማሪዎች መደበኛ ትምህርታቸውን አጠናቀው ለመመረቅ አንድ ሳምንት ሲቀራቸው ወደ ወሎ የወንጌል ስርጭት ጉዞ አደረጉ፡፡ ይህንንም ጉዞ ከአንደኛ ዓመት ጀምረው ሲያጠራቅሙት በነበረው ገንዘብ፣ ከተለያዩ ደጋፊ አካላት ባገኙት ድጋፍና እንዲሁም በተለያዩ የገቢ ማስገኛ ስራዎች በሰበሰቡት ገንዘብ ሲሆን በተደረገው የወንጌል ስርጭት እጅግ በጣም የሚገርም የእግዚአብሔር ስራ ተሰርቷል፡፡ ስድስት ቦታዎች ተጎብኝተዋል፡፡ በተለያዩ ማህበረ ምዕመናን ለሚገኙ አማኞች መንፈሳዊ ትምህርቶች ተሰጥተዋል፡፡ የማነቃቂያና የጸሎት ፕረፐግራሞች በሚገርም የእግዚአብሔር አስደናቂ ክብር ታጅቦ  ከመካሄዱ የተነሳ የብዙዎች ልብ ለወንጌል ተነሳስቷል፡፡ ለጸሎት ተበረታትቷል፡፡ የምድሪቱ ቀንበር ተሰብሯል፡፡  

ጸሎትና የወንጌል ስርጭት የተደረገባቸው ቦታዎች የሚከተሉት ናቸው፡፡

1. ራያ ቆቦ ማህበረ ምዕመናን

2. ወልዲያ ማህበረ ምዕመናን

3. ላሊበላ ለሚገኙ አማኞች

4. ሐይቅ ማህበረ ምዕመናን

5. ደሴ ምህበረ ምዕመናን

6. ኮምቦልቻ ምህበረ ምመናን

በሚሽን ጉዞው ከተሰሩ ለየት ያሉ ስራዎች መካከል በተለይም በራያ ቆቦ ለሚገኙ ለችግረኛ ወገኖች የ 1000 ብር የገንዘብ ልገሳ በተመራቂ ተማሪዎቹ የተደረገ ሲሆን ከሚሽን ጉዞው የተረፈ 14000 ብር ለቆቦ ማህበረ ምዕመናን የወንጌል ስራ ድጋፍ ተደርጓል፡፡ በራያ ቆቦ ላይ ትኩረት የተደረገበት ምክያት በቡድኑ ከተጎበኙ ሌሎች ቦታዎች ይልቅ ድጋፍ የሚያስፈልገው ሆኖ በመገኘቱና እንዲሁም በማህበረ ምዕመናኑ ያለው የወንጌል ስራ ተነሳሽነት ከሌሎች ምህበረ ምዕመናኖች የተለዬ በመሆኑ ነው፡፡

የ2009 ዓ.ም የድግሪ ሚሲዮሎጂ ተመራቂዎች ከጥቂት አመታት በኋላ በወሎ ላይ ታለቅ የወንጌል እሳት እንደሚቀጣጠልና አሁን ያለው ድቅድቅ ጨለማ እንደሚገፈፍ ያምናሉ፡፡ ኢየሱስ ያድናል፡፡ አሜን፡፡ 

Mission Trip to Wollo

The degree students of Tabor Evangelical College graduate class arranged a mission trip to Wollo, Nothern Ethiopia one week before their graduation. During this mission trip, the students experience that God revealed His mighty power and the Holy Spirit manifested its presence. The students visited five congregations in the area of Wollo, i.e. Raya Kobo Congregation, Woldiya Congregation, Hayik Congregation, Desse Congregation, Kombolcha Congregation and one preaching place in Lalibela. In these congregations, the students took time to prayer, evangelise, and give different teachings for the people in the area. An area which is not yet reached by the gospel. The students had arranged this trip through their own financial contribution saving up for it from their first year. Some additional funds they got through fund raising among the TEC staff as well as other.  

During the trip, they focused on Raya Kobo Congregation. The reason for this was that the area is very much in need compared to other areas which the team visited and served, and there was also better initiation for evangelism in this area. The team wanted to encourage and support the congregation’s vision. The team provided 1000 birr for people in need and also the remaining birr from the mission trip about 14,000 birr was given to Raya Kobo congregation.

The team believes that we will soon see the fruit of the work in Wollo area and the gospel will rise and shine and it will overcome the deep darkness of the area. Jesus saves. Amen. 

Family Training for Graduating Students

Mrs. Tirufat with the women
Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen

Saturday is the big day! Our 2nd year Bible School students, 3rd year diploma students, and 4th year degree students are going to graduate. But before they do, the TEC Mission Department have invited all these students to bring their spouses, and together they are attending a one week Marriage and Family Course.

Rev. Dawit Yohannes together with his wife Mrs. Tirunesh have been teaching the participants all week. For them it is important that Christians, and especially ministers within the church, have knowledge about how to care for their marriage and put an effort into strengthening the marriage and family life. A good marriage and a strong family is the best foundation for a fruitful ministry, but your marriage needs to be cared for like you care for a seedling. Your marriage is from the beginning like a small seedling that you plant, and you need to water it and care for it, so that it will grow into a big tree that will bring shade for you and your family, as well as people around you.

As ministers in the Kingdom of God we often risk getting caught up in a lot of work and business, we therefore need to learn from the beginning how to balance family life with ministry. Especially we need to learn how to share and support each other in the calling and ministry, and through a honest and loving marriage we will be examples for people around us.

Rev. Dawith expresses that his hope for Christians is that they live a marriage life, which is in line with the word of God; a life where they experience real love and joy as they live holy lives. 

Graduation at TEC

Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen

On Saturday the 17th of June, we held the annual graduation at Tabor Evangelical College. This year we had the honor of graduating 19 students, who are now degree holders, 24 students graduated with diploma and 12 finished their 2nd year bible school. For all the students, this was a joyful day celebrated with family, friends, and representatives from their home congregations. 

The graduation program was led by Getachew Gelebo, Dean of the Mission Department and together with him, Principal Galgalo Karra and Board Chairperson Rev. Dawit Yohannes congratulated the students on their achievement. The worship was led by one of the graduates, Ashagrie Ayalew.

Rev. Shiferaw shared the word of God at the graduation ceremony and preach over the words from John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in me – and I in him – bears much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.” In his preaching, he emphasized that it is important to be a disciple of Christ, not just a minister. We may do a lot of good things for Christ and be very spiritual in our way of life, and even become well-known ministers, but if we do not have a personal relationship with him, we are not his disciples. It is therefore important that we live as disciples of Christi and remain in him, and he is us, that is when we will bear fruit. And as it is stated in the last part of the verse – apart from Jesus we can do nothing. So, the results and fruits of our work and ministry will all be dependent on our close relationship with Jesus Christ.

After the program, there was time for taking pictures and the cookies and soft drinks were served for all participants. 

Mission Course at MD

MD Teachers
Written by Ruth Eva Osmundsen

This week 80 participants are attending this year ‘s Mission Course. These are students as well as representatives from congregations in the different areas, where the mission outreach will take place. The participants arrived Monday evening, and from Tuesday morning and until Friday afternoon they will attend the course here at TEC.

At the course ‘contextualization’, ‘evangelism’, ‘how to mobilize congregations’, and ‘how to disciple new believer’ are some of the topics taught. At the end of the course the students, together with representatives from the different areas, will leave on Saturday to do mission for 3 weeks. This year we have teams, that will go to Gambela, Kemise, Bale, Netche Sar, Borana, Somali Region and South Omo.

The mission course and the following mission trip is one of the big yearly events here at TEC, and we value that our students get practical experience in addition to their academic training. We also want to encourage you all to pray for the students and the local congregation, where they will be ministering the coming week. Pray that God will be with them and that He may work through them.