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TEC Five Years Plan

TEC Five year plan

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TEC Five year plan

TEC Five year operational-plan 2013-2017

This operational-plan seeks to achieve the purposes of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesu (EECMY) and Tabor Evangelical College/Tabor Educational Center (TEC)

The High School and Preparatory will work according to government policy and curriculum.


TEC is established with a purpose to serve the Triune God, his kingdom and his people in performing spiritual and social activities.

TEC is an institution created to serve the southern Synods of EECMY and the wider community by providing training to Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists, and High school and Preparatory students to make the trainees effective spiritual leaders, missionaries, pastors and very effective in their academic Education to join Higher Educations.

The EECMY strategy plan deals with 11 central themes. All the themes are relevant to the further development of TEC. Some of the themes will primarily be relevant in curriculum development. Other themes will directly affect the strategy plans and expected outputs for TEC in the 5 year plan.

TEC will support the wholistic ministry of EECMY as it equips the whole person to participate with head, heart and hands in Gods mission to the World.

TEC objectives and strategies 2013 – 2017

1.   Objective: Increase number of persons receiving training from the Mission Department of TEC

  • Increase the number of students to admitting 400 students (20-35 % female) in Bible school, diploma and/or first degree every year from 2017.
  • Offer training of trainer courses (ToT) and other short-term courses on Mission, Evangelism, Congregational growth, Leadership, Theology and other relevant themes mentioned in the EECMY strategy plan.

2. Objective: Curriculum development at the Mission Department of TEC.

TEC will review and develop its curriculum in light of recent missiological trends, Wholistic ministry, the themes identified in the EECMY strategy plan, needs expressed by TEC’s stakeholders and TEC’s purpose and mission statement. This may affect the revision of curriculum in Mission Department at TEC.

 3.   Objective: Encourage academic and pedagogical advancement among teaching staff and students learning at TEC.

4.   Objective: Increase the employment of highly qualified female teachers in High School and Preparatory and TEC MD.

5.   Objective: Strengthen the Christian training of students in High school and Preparatory to make them effective spiritual leaders and very effective in their academic Education to join Higher Education

6.   Objective: Limit the class size to 50 students at High School and Preparatory, adding classrooms


To achieve these objectives several strategies needs to be implemented.


Jesus said: “You can do nothing apart from me”. We must pray that his will be done, and that He might lead the further development of TEC, making TEC a tool for him to extend his Kingdom in Ethiopia and beyond.

TEC has regular prayer meeting for staff and students, and should establish a prayer network to pray for the School, its staff and students.

Increase the numbers of students at the Mission Department in a sustainable manner.

Admitting approximately 90 new students each year in Bible school, diploma or degree program (20-35% women)

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
New students 60 150 240 330 420
Total students 210 300 390 480 570
Short term courses (ToT) and participants 5 ToT



350 p.


10 ToT



700 p.

15 ToT



1050 p.

20 ToT



1400 p.

20 ToT



1400 p.

Expand number of programs, classes and teachers at the Mission Department

Increase the programs and classes in a sustainable pace

Year No of classes (number of students may vary) Total no of instructors needed 12 credit hour/full time teacher.



Degree Diploma Bible School Total Short term courses (ToT) Bth Mth Total In addition:


Campus pastor, ToT coordinator, Registrar, Secretary, Librarian, part- time teachers, senior students as tutors or teacher assistants etc.

High School counselor


2013 2 3 2 7 5 6 8 14
2014 3 3 2 8 10 6 11 17
2015 4 3 2 9 15 6 13 19
2016 4 3 2 9 20 6 15 21
2017 4 3 2 9 20 6 15 21

Upgrading of teachers and other staff at the Mission Department

  • From first degree to MA
  • From MA to PHD
  • In-service research and sabbaticals
  • Build competence and capacity among administrative staff
  • Professional land survey of the TEC compound to plan further building on
  • Build/rent 8 classrooms (30-50 pers) and 50 dorms (6 pers) with toilets and furniture.
    • Some of the short courses / ToT could be decentralized in cooperation with the synods using local facilities
    • Build kitchen and dining hall that can accommodate 400 students
    • IT lab and computers
    • Teacher’s offices and equipment
    • Extension of reading room and library with books and equipment

Develop TEC’s physical facilities at Mission Department

All these buildings must be completed with relevant facilities and furniture


To achieve its goals, TEC will need to clarify work division and cooperation with the head office, synods, parishes, congregations and other church units like MYS, regional seminaries and bible schools, and the International Mission Society etc.

TEC can cooperate with synods in regards to short term training, staff training, TEE, ToT, educate teachers for local bible schools, etc.

TEC can cooperate with EECMY-IMS on training of missionaries and on curriculum development.

Supportive administrative procedures and systems at TEC

The increased number of students and activities will intensify the pressure on the administrative systems. These systems must be developed to meet future growth and needs of TEC to maximize job satisfaction and efficiency at the Mission Department and High school/ Preparatory.

Establishing local partnership for support

TEC needs to establish a sustainable footing with a mix of sources of funding. Shifting the burden of funding to its users and create a sense of ownership, while at the same time maintaining the existing partnerships. TEC will raise awareness and create a system by which local congregations and resourceful Christian individuals can start voluntarily to support the college with their resources.

  • The plan will start with the community of the college both the faculty and the students.
  • Alumni formation with former students to raise support and recruit TEC ambassadors
  • Close connection with Synods and Congregations to form Tabor Friend Groups locally.
  • Making mission outreaches and trips with students visiting 40 congregations per year offering short term training and raising support for TEC.
  • Discussion with congregations in Hawassa/surrounding towns, inviting leaders of EECMY congregations for consultation
  • TEC is having a sustainable financial base with a mix of income sources, including strong local partnerships.
  • Other income-generating activities like offering IT courses and renting out facilities.
  • Extension of library with sufficient reference books and textbooks, e-library and computers
  • Further development of pedagogical center
  • Better access to internet and teaching on ethical issues concerning use of internet and social medias
  • Develop and utilize laboratory classrooms for High School and Preparatory
  • Yearly teacher evaluations and rewards
  • Visit other High Schools and Preparatory institutions
  • Training course in pedagogics for teaching staff
  • Encourage highly qualified female teachers to apply for vacancies at High School and Preparatory
  • Development of cafè and facilities for leisure time activities
  • Part-time Campus Counselor for High School and Preparatory students
  • Continue the implementation of the school rules and regulations
  • Add classrooms in light of class sizes by 50
  • Cooperating with stakeholders in the community in relation to students ethics
  • Implementing learning packages
  • Implementing student centered learning approach
  • Implementing a variety of testing and evaluating methods

Strategies for High School and Preparatory


Expected output for the Mission Department:

  • Increased student enrollment capacity at Mission Department
  • Diversified programs at different levels of fields of study at Mission Department
  • Improved staff capacity and competence at Mission Department and High school/Preparatory
  • Expanded and constructed the College’s Physical Structure
  • 2100 persons have been trained at Bible school, diploma and degree levels in theology and missiology at TEC for ministry as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, bible school teachers and church leaders at different levels.
  • 5000 have participated in different short term courses like ToT, refreshment courses, decentralized training etc.
  • Strong cooperation and links between the training and education given at the TEC, MYS and bible schools have been created to meet the actual needs and plans of the church at all structural levels.


Expected output for High School and Preparatory

  • Strengthening the follow up of Christian Union fellowship and individual students
  • Increased number of female role models at High School and Preparatory school
  • Greater variation and quality of teaching/learning and evaluation methods used in the High school and Preparatory classes
  • Higher quality teaching and learning processes in High school and preparatory
  • Higher grades among High School and preparatory students

Expected output for TEC

  • Encourage highly qualified female teachers to apply for vacancies at High School and Preparatory and Mission Department.
  • Development of cafè and facilities for leisuretime activities
  • Increased quality time during breaks and free time for students , staff and surrounding community
  • Training course in pedagogics for teaching staff
  • Higher ratio of highly qualified female role models at TEC.