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Purpose and Vision

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Purpose and Vision

Mission Statement
The TEC is an institution created to serve the southern Synods of EECMY and the wider community by providing training to Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists, and High school and Preparatory students to make the trainees effective spiritual leaders, missionaries, pastors and very effective in their academic Education to join Higher Educations.

I.      General Objective:

The TEC is established with a purpose to serve the Triune God, his kingdom and his people in performing spiritual and social activities.
II.  Specific Objectives:
1.    It contributes in the building of God’s Church through the development of consecrated capable Ethiopian leadership and missionaries for the Church and wider community.
2.     It prepares and equips the Christian believers in view of the Wholistic Ministry of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus spiritually, academically and, vocationally, for Christian Ministry in an Ethiopian context in particular and an African in general.

3.     It promotes the nurture of congregations and the Church Units through the training and the continuing education of pastors, church leaders, by conferring Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates of Theology/missiology/  and High School and Preparatory Certificates of the Government Exams

4.     It participates in the proclamation of the Gospel through a right teaching and preaching God’s Word in such a way that it becomes meaningful to the Ethiopian Citizens and Others in their particular cultural settings and prepare the Students in High school and Preparatory classes with good qualification for the continuum of their education.

Organisational Structure

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Organisational Structure

TEC is owned by Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY)  and is serving the southern synods.

TEC is governed by a TEC Board, with a wide range of powers and freedom of actions. The Board constitutes the chairperson, v/chairperson, and other members as appointed by the EECMY Council.

The TEC is headed by a Principal assisted by Director for Education, Dean for Missiology and Administration and Finance Section Head. There is also an elected representative for all TEC staff.

TEC Consist of three departments: High School and Preparatory, Mission Department and a Finance and Administration Department. The School is lead by Principal Ato  Galgalo Karre.

Syllubus- Introduction to Counselling

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Tabor Evangelical College (TEC) - Mission Department

Hawassa, Ethiopia

                        Course Syllabus

Course title:DP433  Introduction to counseling- Diploma III

Credit hours: 3

Academic Year: 2015

Semester: I

Lecture days: Monday 8:15-9:00 & Friday 8:15-9:50 am

Instructor: Zenebe Negash (Rev), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Cell phones 0913992168


Course description

This course aims to introduce the importance of counseling for Christian ministers’ ministry. It contains the ministry of pastoral care, how the pastors should approach the clients, and counselling situations. It will be covered in block A and B. The teaching-learning process follows lectures, class discussion and field work. It is given for Diploma III students of Tabor Evangelical College.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to give knowledge for students how to counsel and approach clients.

The course intends to help students:

·         To understand the work of pastors as shepherds, historical background of counseling in early and medieval churches

·         To know how pastors should approach and practice counseling in order to give advice to the clients based on their problems.

·         To examine the experiences of pastors’ counseling methods on marriage, family relationship, and on sickness, bereavement.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course students should be able to:

·         Explain what the Bible teaches about shepherds and clients roles in counseling process.

·         Describes how should the pastors approach the clients and give counseling.

·         Practice what they learn about counseling in their ministries.

Course Materials

1. Taylor, Harold, 1996, Applied Theology2: Tend My Sheep, New Delhi, India: ISPCK

2. Handouts prepared by the lecturer

Course requirements

-          Class attendance and active participation on class discussions

-          Reading the assigned pages before class and present what new ideas they have get from their readings

-          Final paper 3pages written with computer or 5 pages with hand writings

-          Taking exam on a given day.


-Class attendance and active participation                            20%

-Reading assignments                                                           20%

-Final Paper                                                                          30%

-Exam                                                                                   30%


Course Schedule








Assigned reading


Sep. 1-4,2015





Ethiopian New Year

no class


Sep. 7-11

The Good shepherd idea in the Bible

pp. 7-11


Sep. 14- 18

Pastoral care in the church

pp. 20-25



Finding of true cross holyday

no class


Sep. 21-25

Pastoral care in the church



Sep. 28- Oct.2

Understanding people



Oct. 5-9

Understanding people

pp. 45-52


Oct. 12-16

Understanding oneself



Oct. 19-23

People’s need for counseling



Oct. 26- 30

Block A Exam



Nov. 2-6

The pastor’s approach to counseling




The practice of counseling



Nov. 16-20

The practice of counseling

pp. 126-140


Nov. 23- 27

Spiritual resources in counseling

pp. 142-170


Nov. 30- Dec.4

Marriage and family relationship



Dec. 7-11

Sickness and healing



Dec. 14-18

Death and bereavement



Dec. 21-25




Dec. 28-Jan.1

Block B exam