Hawassa, Beneath Tabor Mountain
TEC Postbox 1070. Hawassa. Sidamo. Ethiopia
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High School & Preparatory

High School

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High School


At TEC High School and Preparatory, each day start with a Flag Ceremony.


750 Students attends High School and Preparatory at Tabor Educational Center. This is one of the best High Schools in the Southern part of Ethiopia. The students come from the Southern region and from Hawassa town.

From this link you can see the cultural diversity represented at TEC: Cultural Day 2013 at TEC


From this link you can read more news from High School and Preparatory

In the video clip below you will meet Barkede Kulumundere Dedebe and Olijaholi Gnamanitakuy. They are from the Mursi people and they study at TEC High School.